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SUMIFS across multiple sheets

In Formulas
On February 28, 2018
First you have to define a SheetList range name (the range of sheet names being the sources of SUMIFS). You can input the name of the sheets in a separate sheet of your excel file. Select all the cells containing this sheet names, then go to the name box field (the upper left field where […]
Large tables in Excel look much more better and are easier to read when we choose to alternate row color. Each other row gets a background color, so it’s easier to read the values in the extreme right in association with the labels at the extreme left of the table. 3 ways of alternating rows […]
In order to find and remove duplicates or just highlight them in an complex and messy Excel spreadsheet be prepared to work hard or just smart and elegant. Too many times we end up with an extralarge Excel file that contains some very complex information and a lot of duplicates that we need to find […]
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