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Excel formulas and tutorials

Excel formulas and useful tools

The easy way to count the characters in a text, without counting the spaces too, is to use the LEN excel formula on a string text that has the spaces removed. Removing spaces before counting characters Removing spaces inside a text is done by using the SUBSTITUTE formula with the following expression: =SUBSTITUTE(“text where you […]

Making Excel file unsavable

On May 8, 2014

Some companies use Excel files through intranet networks for all their staff to have access to certain information and automated reports. This usually means that this kind of file should be unsavable

Building automated reports in Excel by connecting directly to an ERP database is a good shortcut to have fresh and accurate information to base your decisions on. This method facilitates data processing and manipulation in VBA before results and conclusions are displayed and a further availability for organizing, calculations and sorting after Excel tables are […]
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