Realme New Phone Releases Latest Mobile

Realme new phones

Here are some recent updated launches of Realme new phone from the company of the same name, the former subsidiary of the manufacturer Oppo. Realme is part of the group of tech companies that aims to offer ordinary people a very attractive alternative in terms of capabilities and especially price for phones offered by major […]

Vlookup excel formula example multiple criteria values with multiple matches

vlookup excel string numbers

Vlookup is one of the most used and powerful formulas for excel. This will make your life easier when you have to search for various string positions and values in large data tables. In this article I will show you some ways to use vlookup excel formula for multiple criteria and multiple matches. How do […]

Research needed before buying a new cell phone

phone size comparison online graphic

Interested in changing your cell phone? When you do your research you will find a variety of options with different prices and endless technical features. The decision can seem a bit complicated, especially when you want to stay within your budget. So we made a summary of the most recent settings, so that you can […]

Why is the size of the phone important

для сравнения размеров цифровых телефонов

In general, people want phones with a screen as large as possible in order to enjoy the subscription to Netflix or watching Youtube or Facebook videos on a surface as generous as possible. On the other hand, the large size of the phone comes bundled with some disadvantages, easy to identify. The phone will not […]

Recover or break vba password for Microsoft Excel file

break vba password microsoft excel recover2

Sometimes I need to recover or break the VBA password for an excel file because I build some code inside excel files and protect the file with a vba password just to keep my colleagues from ruining the code behind the excel reports. There are times when I don’t pay attention to the password thinking […]

What is a gyroscope sensor

a gps finding stattelites fast

A gyroscope sensor, along with the accelerometer, helps the phone understand how the device is oriented, providing an additional level of accuracy in position identification. Based on this sensor are created those photo spheres in 360 degrees. Whenever you play a racing game on your phone and tilt the screen to steer, the gyroscope feels […]

Loan PMT Excel Formula Equal Installments


Every bank loan is a serious cash flow problem which must be integrated into the company’s financial planning. Microsoft comes to the rescue with the PMT excel formula which show exactly how much should be paid at any given time if we want equal installments. Just be sure to check at the option you have […]

Phone size comparison including iPhone Visual Charts

phone-size-comparison visual graphic

If you seek a graphic cell phone size comparison which allows a full size comparability between the most popular mobile phones available in the market, you have come to the right place. Please see the bellow visual objects and charts, including iPhone size comparison. Phone screen sizes vary by model. Depending on the length of […]