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What is a gyroscope sensor


 A gyroscope sensor, along with the accelerometer, helps the phone understand how the device is oriented, providing an additional level of accuracy in position identification. Based on this sensor are created those photo spheres in 360 degrees. Whenever you play a racing game on your phone and tilt the screen to steer, the gyroscope feels […]

phone-size-comparison visual graphic

Phone size comparison Visual


 If you seek a graphic phone dimensions comparison which allows a full size comparability between the most popular mobile phones available in the market, you have come to the right place. Please see the bellow visual objects and charts. The beauty of a visual phone size comparison The phone size comparison is very important, as […]

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Glonass GPS and Galileo


  The GLONASS positioning system (GLObal’naia NAvigatienaia Sputnikovaia Sistema) refers to one of the 3 global positioning satellite networks available today for accurately locating the world map. This network was developed by the Soviet Union in 1976 and is currently maintained by Russia and newer by India. The network is based on 24 satellites arranged […]