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    Research needed before buying a new cell phone

    phone size comparison online graphic

     Interested in changing your cell phone? When you do your research you will find a variety of options with different prices and endless technical features. The decision can seem a bit complicated, especially when you want to stay within your budget. So we made a summary of the most recent settings, so that you can choose a team with the best features and get the best price. Screen The standard size is 5-6 inches. Whenever the screen size increases, the price of the phone goes up. This factor can be the key to determining how much you want (or can)…

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    Why is the size of the phone important

     In general, people want phones with a screen as large as possible in order to enjoy the subscription to Netflix or watching Youtube or Facebook videos on a surface as generous as possible. On the other hand, the large size…

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    What is a gyroscope sensor

     A gyroscope sensor, along with the accelerometer, helps the phone understand how the device is oriented, providing an additional level of accuracy in position identification. Based on this sensor are created those photo spheres in 360 degrees. Whenever you play…

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    A-GPS connecting to satellites in miliseconds

     A-GPS or Assisted GPS is a system that relies on mobile data transmission (mobile internet) to help your mobile phone start GPS applications in record time. Without this system, finding available satellites could take up to 12 minutes. Basically, the…

  • glonass galileo gps

    Glonass GPS and Galileo

      The GLONASS positioning system (GLObal’naia NAvigatienaia Sputnikovaia Sistema) refers to one of the 3 global positioning satellite networks available today for accurately locating the world map. This network was developed by the Soviet Union in 1976 and is currently…

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    Compare phone – smart mobile tool

     Every time I want to buy a new mobile phone I have a big enigma about which model is best suited to my needs for the less money possible. I tried to compare phones (mobile smartphone) over many online store…