How to use Offset in a table

how to use Offset in a table

Need to find a value in a large table and you know only the label of the row and column where the target is located? No problem, Excel can help you do it with only two formulas: Offset and Match. Take a look in the picture bellow. You will find out how to do it. […]

Determining top rankings of amounts in a range

Determine top rankings of amounts

Sometimes we have to know the rankings of amounts in an array or range, in order to select some of them, let’s say top 10. Microsoft Excel comes to the rescue by offering a formula to count elements that have certain attributes or meet some conditions. This function is COUNTIF and it’s result is the […]

Excel countif formula

Excel formula

Whenever you need to count the elements inside data series the excel countif formula is available to help you reach your target easy and fast. The Countif formula has the following structure: =COUNTIF(Range,Condition) Note that the Range can be a large table not only one column. Examples of Excel Countif Formula Let’s say we need […]