Loan PMT Excel Formula Equal Installments


Every bank loan is a serious cash flow problem which must be integrated into the company’s financial planning. Microsoft comes to the rescue with the PMT excel formula which show exactly how much should be paid at any given time if we want equal installments. Just be sure to check at the option you have […]

Sumifs and wildcard condition on column contents

how to use sumifs and wildcard

The most used formula in excel is SUMIFS, which, in my opinion, together with a wildcard condition, is the element which supports and ensures the existence and usage of excel application. Let’s imagine we have a spreadsheet which contains 2 columns: first one shows the sales revenues for a certain period and the second shows […]

Variable sheet in excel formulas, calling dynamic sheet name

Dinamic variable sheet name in formulas

Sometimes we need to use in our excel formulas a certain sheet depending on different conditions. Calling variable sheet name in excel formulas For example, if we want to create an easy to use report which needs to apply consolidating formulas on data available on a certain sheet, depending on the user choice. Let’s say […]

SUMIFS across multiple sheets

Sumifs across multiple sheets

First you have to define a SheetList range name (the range of sheet names being the sources of SUMIFS). You can input the name of the sheets in a separate sheet of your excel file. Select all the cells containing this sheet names, then go to the name box field (the upper left field where […]