A good managed project needs a visual Gantt chart template to show visually every task that needs to be executed and the relationship between these tasks. Which one can be done at any given time or which task depends on other tasks execution.

A Gantt diagram cand be made as a Gantt chart in excel with ease, by using conditional formatting for a range of cells depending on some calculated intervals of dates. You can find many examples online, some of which are free to download.

For better management of the projects any visual planning software makes the difference between a successful project and a poor one, showing very expressively the interdependencies between the tasks and their timely scheduling.

You can insert more lines if you need, or hide some of it. Be sure to copy also the formulas in the columns hidden at the right side of the chart. The conditional formatting cells depend on the results of these formulas.

Don’t need to buy expensive chart maker software, excel helps you if you can find the logical way to emulate the functionality of the chart schema. Download the chart example from the link listed bellow and build your own gantt chart.

Gantt chart excel template online download

Gantt chart excel template diagramm maker
Download chart template in excel

You can find more info here and over here some inspiration for customizing the design of the Gantt chart.

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