The GLONASS positioning system (GLObal’naia NAvigatienaia Sputnikovaia Sistema) refers to one of the 3 global positioning satellite networks available today for accurately locating the world map. This network was developed by the Soviet Union in 1976 and is currently maintained by Russia and newer by India. The network is based on 24 satellites arranged in a structure organized on 3 orbital planes at an approximate distance of 19,000 km from Earth.
Increased GPS tracking accuracy by using additional GLONASS satellites compared to the US NAVSTAR-GPS system.

gps-glonass galileo

Contemporary mobile phones generally use satellites of several systems to locate the position of the phone on the map with the highest precision. With about 50 satellites of the 3 GPS systems available, the accuracy of the location reaches approximately 2.37m – 4m horizontally.

The other 2 networks are offered by the American GPS-NAVSTAR system and Europe GALILEO (under development).

More info about gps glonass here.

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