Trying to make charts more expressive is anyone’s objective so that he/she doesn’t have to modify the chart every time a piece of data changes in the source of the graph. Do this by adding variable text boxes inside the chart template.

Include dynamic text box in chart

As you can see in the picture, there is an average calculated and displayed in the middle of the chart.

How to insert a dynamic calculated variable text box inside a chart

This is very simple. We just have to select Text Box from Insert tab and place it where we need it (click + drag and release). Don’t edit it, the content must be empty. We need it to be dynamic (to display the value from inside a calculated excel cell -let’s say the average calculation at the end of the December cell, that keeps updating as the values for each month are filled).

Select the text box and the select the formula bar from the top of the excel spreadsheet. Here you must type “=N5” and hit Enter. That’s all.

Note that the word “Average” inside the chart is a stand alone text box that is not dynamic.

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