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    Full Mobile Phone Technical Specifications

     Very useful information to analyze and compare before choosing a smartphone. Technical specifications tell us if the model we look at is suited for our needs. Comparing these specifications could bring us the best mobile phone for the less money…

  • Excel Shortcuts
    Tips and tricks

    Useful Excel keyboard shortcuts tutorial

     Work with excel as efficient as you can using keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking the mouse. If you take one hand from the keyboard to click the mouse you loose precious time and energy. All you need to know is…

  • how to use sumifs and wildcard

    Sumifs and wildcard condition on column contents

     The most used formula in excel is SUMIFS, which, in my opinion, together with a wildcard condition, is the element which supports and ensures the existence and usage of excel application. Let’s imagine we have a spreadsheet which contains 2…

  • Sumifs across multiple sheets

    SUMIFS across multiple sheets

     First you have to define a SheetList range name (the range of sheet names being the sources of SUMIFS). You can input the name of the sheets in a separate sheet of your excel file. Select all the cells containing…

  • Excel to pdf

    VBA macro print as PDF

     A very helpful VBA macro that turns any printable excel document into a PDF file. Convert excel to pdf or save excel to pdf Sub savepdf() mo= Month(Date) d = Day(Date) y = Year(Date) h = Hour(Now) m = Minute(Now)…

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    Set cell background color programmatically

     The VBA code line you should use when you need to set a new background color to a cell is: Sheets(“Sheet1”).Range(“C3”).Interior.Color = RGB(255, 255, 0) RGB(255, 255, 0) = Yellow (full Red and full Green) Where RGB defines the color…

  • setting background color programmatically

    RGB color map

     Using colors in excel and VBA is very simple. The most used function is RGB(x, y, z). Where x is the variable for red color, y is for green and z is for blue. All variables can have values from…