What is a gyroscope sensor

a gps finding stattelites fast

A gyroscope sensor, along with the accelerometer, helps the phone understand how the device is oriented, providing an additional level of accuracy in position identification. Based on this sensor are created those photo spheres in 360 degrees. Whenever you play a racing game on your phone and tilt the screen to steer, the gyroscope feels […]

Loan PMT Excel Formula Equal Installments


Every bank loan is a serious cash flow problem which must be integrated into the company’s financial planning. Microsoft comes to the rescue with the PMT excel formula which show exactly how much should be paid at any given time if we want equal installments. Just be sure to check at the option you have […]

Phone size comparison including iPhone Visual Charts

phone-size-comparison visual graphic

If you seek a graphic cell phone size comparison which allows a full size comparability between the most popular mobile phones available in the market, you have come to the right place. Please see the bellow visual objects and charts, including iPhone size comparison. Phone screen sizes vary by model. Depending on the length of […]

A-GPS connecting to satellites in miliseconds

a-gps glonass

A-GPS or Assisted GPS is a system that relies on mobile data transmission (mobile internet) to help your mobile phone start GPS applications in record time. Without this system, finding available satellites could take up to 12 minutes. Basically, the phone connects to a server that transmits the positions of the satellites at that time […]

Glonass GPS and Galileo

glonass galileo gps

The GLONASS positioning system (GLObal’naia NAvigatienaia Sputnikovaia Sistema) refers to one of the 3 global positioning satellite networks available today for accurately locating the world map. This network was developed by the Soviet Union in 1976 and is currently maintained by Russia and newer by India. The network is based on 24 satellites arranged in […]

Compare phone – smart mobile tool

Every time I want to buy a new mobile phone I have a big enigma about which model is best suited to my needs for the less money possible. I tried to compare phones (mobile smartphone) over many online store pages, but this kind of comparison is very superficial and only displays information and doesn’t […]

Full Mobile Phone Technical Specifications

Very useful information to analyze and compare before choosing a smartphone. Technical specifications tell us if the model we look at is suited for our needs. Comparing these specifications could bring us the best mobile phone for the less money possible. Delving into the technical specifications is a critical step in selecting the ideal smartphone […]

Useful Excel keyboard shortcuts tutorial

Excel Shortcuts

Work with excel as efficient as you can using keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking the mouse. If you take one hand from the keyboard to click the mouse you loose precious time and energy. All you need to know is key shortcuts that do certain action you used to do with the mouse. Excel useful […]