NFC – Useful technology


 Does the NFC icon appear on the upper screen of your smartphone, or are you reading the specifications of some electronic device and you do not know what is NFC and what does it mean? In few words, the abbreviation comes from Near Field Communication and is a type of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification). […]

Run macro on open file event


 In order to run macro on open file event you need to have the VBA code (macro) inside the Workbook_Open() event in ThisWorkbook element on Project Explorer. You must first open the VBA editor in Excel and type your macro code inside the Sub Workbook_Open(). I attach a picture for you to see what I […]

Excel VBA Macro Exercise


 This is a tutorial for anyone wanting to learn how to write their first excel vba macro. These macros are very useful when we need to do a lot of manual work on large data tables and these manual actions can be automated by using a macro to execute every operation that we usually did […]