The definition provided by Infor for SunSystems is that it represents an integrated financial management system, purchasing, inventory and sales system that is used by more than 9000 clients worldwide.

What I can say about it is that SunSystems is a great integrated system for small and middle businesses even for those that have multi-site subsidiaries. It is very easy to setup, flexible enough and has enough resources left to add further developments long after the implementation team has left.

It is great at financial and operational reporting and it enables management to take timely swift and precise decision. Information data available in the systems database can be extracted, processed and delivered to management in a very flexible manner, learn more here.


There are available on the internet many articles and even a forum for SunSystems enthusiast to share solutins for the most diverse problems and the system itself is evolving constantly to get better and better in satisfying the needs of all users and business industries.

Business Inteligence systems like Infor ION can be implemented to unify and integrate financial with operational and public available data in order to deliver an integrated structure of information that is both accurate and ready to be used in decision making. However, it is always important to remember that the use of a Office 365 system is crucial in order to protect the data.

How would you like to have a reporting tool that can retrieve all the information necessary to build a dashboard like the one in the picture bellow at a click of a button?!

SunSystems VBA Reports

Don’t be surprised to hear that this tool already exists and can be adapted to suit anyone’s accounting system and reporting needs.

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