SunSystems Custom VBA Reports

Are you wondering if there is some possibility to extract information from SunSystems database that allow for decisions to be taken without having to ask employees to process the data before presenting it in a standard or custom reporting template? The answer is YES, there is a solution for this and it is called VBA Excel and SQL Query.

Building VBA Excel Reports that also process the data gathered from the systems tables is very easy if you know the structure of the tables and the location of each item of information that you need in order to get a complete reporting tool that doesn’t need human input for the data to be processed and prepared before it is displayed.

Building BI solutions that don’t cost a fortune

Wouldn’t you like to have a dashboard type report that shows every important piece of information in a graphical intuitive and self explanatory way? I have built some of these dashboard indicators that replace the need for a separate report for each balance sheet item. You can have all the important indicators in a single screen, later if there is the need for a certain position research it can be done by selecting from a list of detailed reports.

SunSystems VBA Reports


SunSystems is a highly adaptable and flexible integrated system that offers accounting, purchasing and many other capabilities to all kind of business industries. It comes with a standard web based reporting service module and can be customized to further acquire information data from the database, process and display it in whatever form is best for the management to use it in decision making activities.

The database tables behind SunSystems FMS are very complex but I got to know them in 8 years time that I had to manage the system. From this point to developing custom beautiful reports was just a step and I took it. Now there is no need for the SunSystems Q&A (Vision) for data gathering and reporting. This was having anyway limited capabilities of processing data as it was fetched. Using VBA under Microsoft Excel it was possible for me to develop a bunch of customized reports that were querying the database and processing the information data just to display the results in the most user friendly manner. There was no need for further manual processing or printer settings to be made.

The conclusion of this article is that SunSystems Q&A (Vision) is now needed only for data import into the system, every query and data fetching and reporting is better and faster through customized reports built using VBA Excel. Any data that is available into the system, regardless of the module it was recorded in, can be fetched, mixed with whatever other data, processed and displayed as information ready to go into decision making processes.

Reporting system security

Microsoft Excel doesn’t have the capabilities of a safe system and the code behind a report can be revealed even if there will be a password set to access it. There are VBA macros available on the internet that can change that password and give access to anyone interested in the code. The solution for this is to use only server stored procedures that filter IP addresses and computer names, which are allowed to access these inormations. Even some user access customization can be achieved, offering access only to those users that have the right UserGroup code.

About me

I am an ACCA member, with VBA and PHP programming background. I was curious enough to do a large research inside SunSystems database in order to identify where each information item is stored, so that I can simplify my professional life as a financial analyst for a large group of companies.

If there is something you would like to know about SunSystems or you need a custom VBA report that will make your life easier (it doesn’t need to be associated with SunSystems), please send me an e-mail at: VBA Reports


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