Work with excel as efficient as you can using keyboard shortcuts instead of clicking the mouse. If you take one hand from the keyboard to click the mouse you loose precious time and energy. All you need to know is key shortcuts that do certain action you used to do with the mouse.

Excel useful shortcuts tutorial

I will list bellow the most used shortcuts I know and I work with, so my life is much easier:

Ctrl + “s” saves the current workbook

Ctrl + “c” copy the selected range or current cell

Ctrl + “x” cuts the selected range or current cell. The cut selection disappear only after paste command.

Ctrl + “v” pastes the content copied or cut earlier

Ctrl + “z” undo the last command

Ctrl + “y” reundo the last command. Like if you hit undo and changed your mind, you can go back to the last command

Ctrl + “p” open the print settings window

Ctrl + “f” find values inside the current worksheet. It also has an option to find across the entire workbook

Ctrl + “h” replace certain characters or sub strings with other values

Alt + “=”  inserts the following formula:    =SUM(above column range). It includes in the SUM all the cells above the current cell if they all have the same content (formulas or constants). It stops when an empty cell is encountered.

Ctrl + “a” selects a range with similar content (limited by borders of empty columns or raws). If the current cell is empty, it selects all the worksheet

Ctrl + “Enter” inserts value in all the cells in the selected range. First you need to select a range and after that to input the value you want to insert in all the cells and hit Ctrl + Enter.

Ctrl + Shift + “%” formats the selected cells as percent

Ctrl + “b” formats cell font as bold

Ctrl + Shift + “L” enables filters in the top row of the current table or range

F9 runs the calculation if the Calculation Options is set on Manual

Ctrl + Tab navigate between opened excel workbooks

Alt + “;”  selects only the visible cells so if you copy the selected range, it doesn’t include the hidden rows or columns. You will have hidden cells when you use subtotals or run filters.

There is an easier way of using shortcuts

There are many shortcuts available in excel and one can’t remember all by heart. The thing I do is use a custom ribbon Quick Access Toolbar, in which I insert all the functions I need. After this, running them is very easy, as they take automatically a shortcut number, starting with 1, as you can see in the picture bellow. So I can run any command I need just by pressing Alt + the key number (position) of that command.

Excel Shortcuts

Excel shortcuts makes our life easier and all of us should know at least the first 3 shortcuts of the most used commands.

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