Does the NFC icon appear on the upper screen of your smartphone, or are you reading the specifications of some electronic device and you do not know what is NFC and what does it mean? In few words, the abbreviation comes from Near Field Communication and is a type of RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification).

What does NFC mean

In less technical terms, it means that a radio device is attached to your mobile phone casing. This makes the connection between two smartphones or other electronic devices possible. The connection is performed only by putting two devices close to each other, at a few

what is nfc near field communication

millimeters apart. After that, it will be possible for processes like transferring files between two smartphones to be performed or to connect the phone to a router or other device that have the NFC feature.
The advantages of this technology are all about the speed of the connection setting by avoiding the need to search for paired devices in a list, typing the security codes for the interconnection or other annoying manual processes. Simple closeup of the two devices will be enough for them to automatically create connection via Bluetooth or WIFI.

How can you use NFC to make your life easy

Payment to merchants (pay pass) without the need of a credit card. For this you need an application like Google Wallet or one made available by the bank where you hold your accounts.

Access to certain buildings with electronic identification, such as access to the hotel room or office building.

Another use of NFC could be the automation of processes on your mobile phone. For example, at the entrance to a hall, NFC electronic tags could be be stuck on the front door and if you touch it with your mobile phone it will automatically set it on vibration, not to disturb during the show. Many other automation options are possible: online access to a specific address, install a software etc.
The most useful function of NFC could be the creation of a Wifi or Bluetooth connection to other devices. It’s enough to bring your smartphone close to a WiFi router to access the network, without being required to look for a SSID and type a password. Of course that the other device that connects to must have this technology also.

NFC is a 21 century technology that will bring more ergonomics into your life. More about it you can read here.

Keep connecting!

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