In general, people want phones with a screen as large as possible in order to enjoy the subscription to Netflix or watching Youtube or Facebook videos on a surface as generous as possible. On the other hand, the large size of the phone comes bundled with some disadvantages, easy to identify.

The phone will not fit well in your pocket and will look unsightly above your pocket or it will even bother you when you bend down to pick something up, or put on your shoes and in even more extreme cases you could also have tiredness and stress when using the phone because of his big size of course for this you could use products as jeeter juice disposable so you can feel more good and relax. Also in this chapter of matching the clothing, if the phone is wide enough, its corners will look ugly through the pants and will even accelerate the wear and tear of the fabric in those places.

Other size considerations

Large displays are not always the best in terms of image quality. The pixel density is very important, ie the ratio of pixels per square inch. Screens with a better ratio are also the most faithful in projecting images at high resolutions.

Of course, a high density can be seen in the price of the phone, not only in the quality of the presented image.

There are some theories that phone manufacturers prefer to produce terminals as large as possible to be more difficult to hold in one hand and to increase the chances of them getting out of hand. This would increase the need to change the phone often, which is seen in the turnover of mobile phone manufacturers.

size of phone compare

What do we do to make sure we choose the right size?

Well, we have 2 options that allow us to check if a new phone model is compatible in terms of size with our hands.

The first option is to go to a store with a showroom and try live and physically to hold your favorite phone in your hand and operate it for daily tasks. This is how we identify if its size is suitable for the size of the hands and if we reach the far edge of the display with our thumb, ie if we can operate it with one hand.

The second option, if we can’t go to a physical store, is to visually compare the dimensions with the specifications of the last phone we owned and for which we are supposed to know perfectly if it matched the dimensions of the hands well. Find here such a digital phone size comparison tool.

The graphs presented in the article above are indicative and calculated mathematically to display the relative differences. It does not mean that the edges of the graphics delimit a physical phone glued to the computer screen.

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