Reporting Dashboard

Reporting Dashboard

No matter the size of the company or of the group of companies, a reporting dashboard that is easy to build and update is always good to have. The management needs accurate and complete information so that it takes the best decisions in a timely manner.

A smart electronic system that harvests the information from the accounting or other operational system in a flash and builds a dozen of graphic charts is often very expensive and takes a long time to implement. After the implementation phase, the organization will enjoy a reporting dashboard that is very efficient in providing the management with the most needed information in very short time, without the need of a large financial analysis department.

Reporting Dashboard with Excel

VBA is very good in helping Excel gather data from a database server (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle etc), do some processing and listing the information in a standardized manner. This listing can be done in an Excel sheet and this could become the source database for a Reporting Dashboard like the one bellow.

Reporting Dashboard

All the graphic charts are built in excel and are updated at a click of a button.

The example you see is about the financial dashboard, but you can adapt this to anything else you need that can be expressed in numbers (purchases, sales, production, transport etc).

If you are interested in such a dashboard, please send me an e-mail. The solution is cheap and easy to implement.

The tool is ready built for Infor SunSystems, but can be adapted to whatever database system that the company holds. All we need is a user (read only rights) and a password of the server for the data gatherer module to work.

All the graphics can be modified and adapted to your needs and can be protected to give access to the information only to some users (login form with username and password).