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Excel formulas and tutorials

Excel formulas and useful tools

VBA macro create PDF print as

On February 22, 2018

A very helpful VBA macro that turns any printable excel document into a PDF file. Convert excel to pdf or save excel to pdf Sub savepdf() mo= Month(Date) d = Day(Date) y = Year(Date) h = Hour(Now) m =

RGB color map

On February 14, 2018

Using colors in excel and VBA is very simple. The most used function is RGB(x, y, z). Where x is the variable for red color, y is for green and z is for blue. All variables can have values from 0 to 2

Trying to make charts more expressive is anyone’s objective so that he/she doesn’t have to modify the chart every time a piece of data changes in the source of the graph. Do this by adding variable text boxes inside the chart template. As you can see in the picture, there is an average calculated and […]
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